Indoor dance production, Bois flotté


FRIDAY, August 13, 7 pm – 8 pm
Chalet Bellevue, room #1
Cost: $15
Reservation required here

Bois flotté is an archeological study that brings together three artists from the Laurentians, Yannick St-Jean, Jacob Cadieux and Caroline Dusseault, united in a temporary collective named Bermuda. This project was born from a desire to create a mashup, in equal parts, of their respective disciplines being music, lighting and dance, all on the same stage. Bois flotté explores the mystery of the number three and is inspired by the legend of the Bermuda Triangle. Through a trip in three segments, the crew tells a tale of an invigorating transformation, such as the one undergone by driftwood! 

Photo credit: Andy Jon

Conception and performance, Collective Bermuda: Caroline DusseaultYannick St-Jean et Jacob Cadieux

Music consultant: Pierre D’Ostie

Dance consultant: Élise Bergeron

Photo credit: Andy Jon

Presented by our sponsor Le théâtre Gilles Vigneault

Tous droits réservés | Danse Laurentides | 2020