Visual art project for Danser de mille feux


SUNDAY August 8, 10:30 am – 12 pm and/or 1 pm-3 pm (see detailled schedule here)
Chalet Bellevue, room #4
Inscription required:

Visual artists are invited to attend a dance workshop on August 8, 2021, to soak in the choreographic context, and to later draw preparatory sketches for the development of arts projects (drawings or paintings). Some of these pieces will be selected and exhibited starting on the day Danser de mille feux will be presented at Basler Park, a production that will feature three professional dancers and 30 to 50 citizens.

Plates with engraved texts will accompany the exhibition to provide a context. Later, each piece will be reproduced to create a collection that will belong to the municipality and that will later be exhibited on different occasions. The originals will go back to the artists.

Photo credit: Gabrielle Desrosiers

Dancers: Karenne Gravel, Rosie Contant and Natacha Viau, alongside amateur dancers from Mont-Laurier

Tous droits réservés | Danse Laurentides | 2020