Outdoor dancing improv match by Les Imprudanses


SATURDAY, August 14, 6 pm – 7 pm
Basler Park, big skating rink
Cost: $10

Les Imprudanses is a unique and audacious dance improvisation league that brings a fresh look to contemporary dance and that produces improvisation matches all over the province of Québec. During a match, two teams of four players compete and create short dance productions on the spot to the musical universe of a DJ.  Each match is unexpected and energetic and is motivated by interaction and the public’s vote. The improvisations are structured around parameters established by the referee and after each improvisation, the public is asked to vote for the team that really stood out, awarding them victory.

Founder and director of Les Imprudanses: Marie-Ève Albert

Featured: Francis Marcil. Credit: Andrea Dekeijzer

Tous droits réservés | Danse Laurentides | 2020